Our everyday life is filled with sheets of paper. Buy a car!, they say, Take a loan! Cheap ham, do not miss it! One shampoo extra if you buy 4 before the deadline expires! The prices are put in yellow and red on the glossy pages, the value tempting (Hey, it's only 149,99!), quality not really a question.

We invite you to witness the exhibition 149,99 on 27th of June 2019 and is conceived as an experiment which makes a point of equalizing the approach to art market with remaining ones, surrounding us every day. With the art market always being presented as somewhat untouchable, we aim to see if an how in the sea of art fairs and selling exhibitions quality art can be presented to the public like everything else. Should it be?

Bring your wallets, take home good art! It’s only 149,99!

author: Kevin Claro
text: Marija Kamber
27th June 2019

The project is happening the framework of artistic residency of Kevin Claro (PT) in Garage Kamba.