Have you ever been to a store?

Of course, but have you ever been to the Store? If you understand the orthographic basics, you will recognize that the latter, among the other, should mark a group, institution, company or something equally denoted and specific.
Manipulation of elements of both cultures [“high” and popular, everyday cultures], which implies mutual takeover of visual content and discourse, is a process that creates a paradoxical system of the Store (Petra Galović)– this was an explanation of the phenomenon during 2019, which has now outgrown singular situation in favour of fluid collaboration.
Since its beginnings, the Store has been interested in co-operation and the establishment of a new brand by permeating the areas of design, product design, fashion and subculture together with processes and references to conceptual, avant-garde and participation practices. The same goes on in AGRAMcore, where the city of Zagreb is placed at the focus of interest. Seeking its authenticity, the word that became inevitable in recent decades, both in the artistic, everyday and marketing worlds, the link is above all established with the legend of the city's name origin led by Manda and the octagonal Manduševac fountain based on her. With her in mind and the relatively new status of a multicultural city, the Store decides to create and market local product and authentic experience in its own manners. The zagrebness of the experience is guaranteed by a certificate, while a fine hoax overlooks the semblance of an artistic object, consumerist product, image as reality, drip authenticity and historical reenactment. This work is divided as a single line into many smaller ones which also, occasionally, return to their previous paths in order to answer some questions, thus creating a complex wit process.

autor: Dućan | Josip Drdić
izložba: AGRAMcore
fotografije: Šimun Bućan
tekst: Buga Kranželić
14. svibnja 2021.