A man is a Man, a grand being of the stone pyramids, out of whose nostrils the hot smog evaporates into the cold air. Its eyes are glass that reflects the sky hovering above its head while it touches the forests at the fringes of the grey heat and coldness. You can see its body is lit with periodical flashes of street lights, halogen lights and blinding rectangles that peek out of passerby’s back pockets. It is a being of Nature, of body soft and bare, that created the chaotic world that is its everyday life. Through the ambient installation and artist book, Man/Animal Anja Leko breaks apart everyday situations and studies the Man in its many roles in the universe but also reflects on the ways in which it was equalized with the animals and changed the face of the world through its migrations.

In her installation The End of Sloths Anja creates a forest window, the green in the grey of the city, juxtaposing it to the rhythm of glass windows and concrete blocks as a cube of the subconscious and archetypical. With placing the light hybrids in everyday situations, she banalizes the same everyday moments and opens the view towards new interpretations of normal, equalizing the animals with the archetypical totems, contemplative observers and wise men. While depicting animals with the shape of a Man Anja emphasizes the animalistic images of human nature, the mirror to the tamed wilderness. Dog, Deer, and Cow, animals often connected to fertility and light as well as mortality, are shown communicating despite their differences and individual spirits still living and functioning with others.

author: Anja Leko
exhibition: The End of Sloths
text: Marija Kamber
photography: Juraj Vuglač
30th September 2017