hrough the method of wandering, recording and disturbing archival material, Fermentations are the beginning of exploring the layers of the city of Zagreb - historical, natural, tactile, social, imagined and imaginary - which with their different noises create the city through which we move every day. We would like to build a view that is timeless. Below the sidewalk is earth, below that earth is water. I picked my vegetables at Zrinjevac. We meet on the Square at the corner of the Foundation Hospital. In the summer, it is finally shady all over Ilica because they have planted huge plants, weaving over the trams.

Suggestions for strays:
1. Sit in a public area. Close your eyes. Listen for 7 minutes.
2. There is a fountain with drinking water in the passage in Ilica. Find her.
3. Ask passersby for directions to places that no longer exist.
4. Write down everything you notice while walking for 10 minutes.
5. Watch out.

autor: Mokošh
izložba: Fermentacije
fotografije: Valerija Djanješić
tekst: Mokošh
15. travnja 2021.

With an interest in a variety of mercury phenomena, Mokosh has exhibited in several group and solo exhibitions. It most often operates in the media of attempt, adaptation, trick, and selection. An essayist and illusionist by nature, Mokošh spent much of her life as a lighthouse keeper. During storms that could last for days, she would use a dictaphone to record the rampage of the sea on small analog cassettes while eating oranges. She would save the bark. She replaced life at the lighthouse with the ocean, through which it flowed turning into seawater. She went ashore 11 years later, and became an aviator. She temporarily put the Air Force on a break to dedicate herself to collecting all the textures on Earth with a hand-held scanner, and to detaching the words from the nutritional mucus of the tongue. This is her unauthorized biography.