On October 31, 2023, a mysterious super-intelligent-sport-recreational-vehicle was found in the heart of Zagreb. By forensic analysis, the investigators confirmed that the car belongs to a generation of so-called TTxC models using artificial intelligence technology developed in the era of renowned American entrepreneur Melon Eusk. Such a case is really interesting, experts say. After the TTxs was launched into the orbit of the Blue Planet in 2018 and the financial crisis completely debolished the development of technology, Mr. Eusk moved to Mars. After his departure, all research on super-intelligent cars was discontinued and the long-promised Model TTxC was never made public. The car was found in very poor condition and it is uncertain whether it will be able to be repaired because Mr Eusk did not publish his blueprints. Scientists have not yet discovered how these cars were made and what technology is behind this fantastic machine... 

artists: Andrej Beštak i Svan Matica Radulović 
exhibition: Flux Capacitor  
tekst: Andrej Beštak i Svan Matica Radulović  
foto: Juraj Vuglač, Anja Leko, Marija Kamber 
31. listopada 2019.