In the system of reflective tubes, cubes and welds, there can be heard a sound, a rumble of air while it licks the metal wall, while the air mass passes through the air vents, through the holes of sounds. The Ventilation, clarinet and loop performance of the ONO Group is based on the combination of elements of classical and electronic music that directly references and uses one of the properties of space - the sound of the ventilation system in the garage. By playing repetitive sections on the clarinet and by recording and playing them live, a minimalist composition for communication with the empty garage space is created, whose doors are closed most of the time, and the only thing that passes through it is the air in the ventilation, whose drift becomes the subject of the performance. So while the ventilation system spins the smoke and breath of the spaces behind the wall, on this side the jitter and current and air vents create sounds. Because what else is the sound but vibrations in the air?

autor: Grupa ONO (Branimir Norac i Tin Dožić)
The ONO group is an experimental music group of a variable setup. For the performance in Garage Kamba, the members of the group are Branimir Norac and Tin Dožic. So far ONO group had six concerts with different sets (Wetland, Greta Gallery, Z / KU-Berlin, SC Gallery - Sleep Concert, MSU Zagreb).
Branimir Norac got the title of academic clarinetist at the Music Academy in Zagreb. In his work he composes post-minimalist music, theater music and he performs as a singer-songwriter. link
Tin Dožic deals with sound art, multimedia installations, radio and sound recording. He got his master's degree in new media at ALU Zagreb and has participated in numerous performances and exhibitions in Croatia and abroad (V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media Rotterdam, Showroom of Contemporary Sound, Sine Linea, Sound Art Incubator, CASS School of Art Architecture and Design London, Device art Prague). link
exhibition: Ventilation, Clarinet and Loops
text: Marija Kamber
24th September 2018