Audio installation Hard Rain by the artist Ivana Pegan Baće is an atmospheric composition which, taking the title and excerpts from Bob Dylan's ballad A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall, contemplates the causes and consequences of the processes of living and the impossibility of returning to the beginnings of past actions. While Dylan’s poem is characterized by monumental allegorical and biblical imagery in the style of French symbolism, Pegan Baće creates a much more intimate and melancholic world into which the viewer is introduced through short formats reminiscent of diary clippings without context. Corresponding to the lyrical structure of Dylan's ballad, which is based on the question-answer format, Pegan Baće answers his questions with dramaturgical fragments, which carry echoes of undefined objects, voices of disembodied people who uninvitedly enter the sound frame through the murmur of crickets interrupted by barking dogs, and closing each passage with the original refrain of the ballad. 

I dok Dylanov original lamentira destruktivne učinke ljudske aktivnosti na čovječanstvo i svijet kojeg nastanjujemo, Pegan Baće dramaturškim formatom promišlja ono što se dogodilo i ono što se moglo dogoditi, bez razrješenja i zaključaka, izuzev posljednjeg: „Koga smo ubili, ubili smo. Ko nas je ubio, ubio nas je“, prošlost koja je protekla kroz prste i strijela vremena nesmiljeno hita tek u jednom smjeru.

autorica: Ivana Pegan Baće
izložba: Hard Rain
fotografije: Valerija Djanješić 
text: Marija Kamber
30. listopada 2020.

Ivana Pegan Baće graduated in 1996 from the sculpture department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. In her work she uses language, writing, speech and voice, expressing herself in the media of art books, poetic objects and audio and video works. Through diary entries, fragmentary texts, poetry, short stories and questions, as well as through visual and sound works (spoken word), she examines in her own voice the ways in which the subject is constituted, focusing on the emotional, mental and vocal potential of transcending social conventions and established border. She is a member of HZSU, HDLUDU and ARL. Since 1998 she has lived and worked in Dubrovnik. Since 2014, she has been the head of the Flora Gallery of the Croatian Society of Fine Artists in Dubrovnik.