plȕto sr bark of cork oak as material; secondary durable tissue of woody plants consisting of densely packed quadrilateral cells without intercellular space. Its thickness varies. 

square m 〈G square〉 mat. a square whose angles are all right and all sides equal in length; foursquare 


In the context of repeated reading among words and searching for symbols, Miha Puntarić's Im Spazio 2 exhibition explores the world of matter and space, rhythms and gaps between elements, texture and geometry, using gallery space and objects as matter of image. Referring to the title of the first art exhibition in Genoa '67, one could say that the resistance to the artistic standards present at the time of the movement's inception corresponds to the time in which artistic production continues today, standardized by the formalisms and glossy surfaces of polished flocculas. 


Puntarić, with his minimalism, points to the bare facts: material - cork, wood, brick (painted, peeling here and there), ventilation (metal and air passing through it); form - geometric, square, circle; facilities: four; without superfluous elements. No installation, picture. At the end of it all, the essence of everything is what something truly is, not what blurs the eyes with bright colors and fragrant words to see what is artificially tailored. 


artistMihael Puntarić 
exhibitionIm Spazio 2 
tekstMarija Kamber 
foto: Anja Leko, Domagoj Hmura 
9. rujna 2019.