What is a man, and what an extinction? What is the boundary between a new man and technology? Will there be any? These are the main questions that come from reflections on the cyber world, technological development and contemporary evolution. Perhaps the recent lock-in and deprivation of the physical have indicated new ways of life, but the processes of digitizing life have changed our daily lives for decades. Thirty years ago, socializing around family albums began to wane, then the trajectory of searching, accessing, and processing information changed, and the new millennium dramatically offered never-imaginable options. Now, when our personal histories are stored in the Clouds, when we prove our legal existence through few mouse clicks and communicate with our loved ones in real-time images separated from space, the firmly defined structures of the private, public and political are lost.
Although the re-examination of technological progress is slowly becoming a cliché, in the repetition of the same thoughts and the awakening of worn-out issues of freedom, dependence and globalization, things worthy of the moment of attention are still emerging. An audio-visual installation with a performance character, Life is Grapefruit, does not attempt to show the dystopian or utopian future that follows. It is an intimate, and scenic visualization grounded in the present, with only a minimal departure that, by abstract thought, embodies primary human drives and needs.

author: Dora Brkarić
exhibition: Life is GREJP
Fotografije: Valerija Djanješić
Tekst: Mihaela Zajec
10th July 2020

Dora Brkarić (Pula, 1996) just finished contemporary dance (ADU) Zagreb and she spent the last semester at UNIARTS University in Helsinki. Now she is staring to study at AHK- SNDO in Amsterdam. Dora is most interested in audio-visual arts and performance making, but also she is dedicated to theater and film. The topics that preoccupy her are nudity, utopia-dystopia, death, dying but also repetition, boredom, monotony, spaces between.
Boris Barukčić is an actor, performer and a clown. He unsuccessfully studied literature on FFZG. He spends his last year writing final thesis in order to get masters degree in acting at ADU, Zagreb. Awaits internship in Utrecht and acts in theatre, film and in front of a microphone as a freelancer for little money and big opportunities. In his work he focuses on absurd, stupidity and noise.