Lucky 7

Dresscode: Black Tie with Tie

There is a locked letterbox.
There are 7 keys, just one opens the post box.
Players may choose to place bets on one key.
Just one bet at one time.
Queue up to place a bet.
After placing a bet another player has to place a bet.
The decision concerning the selected key has to be done quickly.
There will always be at least 10 Kuna in the box from the bank.
The price for a bet is 10 Kuna.
These 10 Kuna go into the letterbox.
The Player the chooses the key that opens the letterbox wins all the containing money.
If you place a bet, you get a free shot of rakija.
There is no recourse to the courts.
The final decision in disputes is made by the organiser.

Lucky 7
The bank always loses
author: Matthias Krinzinger
organizer: LAB852
21st May 2019

The happening is realized in collaboration with LAB852 and the project Magic Carpets, co-funded by Creative Europe programme. (