Community. Individual. Leisure. Rebellion. The photographs of Vid Barić from Rijeka, a culturologist and journalist for the Zagreb daily "Jutarnji list", are a reflection of the younger generation`s everyday life in modern society.

In their documentary-artistic function, approaching the photography as a phenomenon that represents a common reality, the photographs capture moments from the real, non-directed world whose protagonists are young people. Captured in the moment, driven by the primordial urge for rebellion, and under the auspices of music as an eternal symbol of subcultural ideologies, the “wild and sleepless” live a divided reality.

The series of photographs "Young, Wild, Sleepless" reflects a group in action or an individual as an allegory of the whole, is a story of togetherness of friends, acquaintances, passers-by and musical protagonists of the modern "New Wave". Without censorship, cruelly and loudly, the photographs of Vid Barić exist as current narratives.

author: Vid Barić
exhibition: Young, Wild, Sleepless
fotografije: Valerija Djanješić 
tekst:  Katarina Podobnik
18th September 2020 

Vid Barić (1988, Rijeka) holds a master's degree from the Department of Cultural Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka. He lives in Zagreb and works as a journalist. He is the author of the collection of satirical stories “Fiumanski, opet lažeš” (Shura publications, 2020). He writes short stories and newspaper articles, with a special interest in reportage. Former professional snowboarder, member of the Croatian national team and author of several snowboarding films. He is a hobbyist in photography, with a special interest in "honest photography" (candid), and shoots exclusively on film.