____ the object you are currently holding? 

Perception is an integrative and interpretative process by which the brain organizes data received from the sum of sensory stimuli, under the influence of complex layers of memory, learned patterns, expectations, and experientially acquired selective mechanisms.  

The answer to the question (which is tackled after the instructional intermezzo for dramatic purposes) was very likely within the terms of paper, exhibition program, slick, colorful, etc. The question that determines the answer was probably What is? Expectations are often constrained by the range of possibilities of perceiving the world around us, imposing solutions that have been chewed out many times before. Nevertheless, the subjective character of experience implies that the perceptions of all things, concepts and truths differ from one individual to another, united by agreeing that the apple is the apple, the hive is the hive, and the blue is blue, connected in their meanings by the medium of communication.  

While walking daily through the Britanac Square, the author came across the thought of Goran Trbuljak from his then-current exhibition at MMSU in Rijeka: Hundreds of viewers are currently looking in the wrong direction, only you are looking in the right one. This thought, in addition to her previous considerations, raised a number of questions: Looking right? What does this entail? Is my view of things correct? With this in mind, the author decided to encourage the observer to try to change the established pattern of perception, dealing with the idea of how to approach everyday life in a new way. In the installation of Point of View by Iris Poljan, the starting point is the idea of communication by looking, in which the author creates a rhythm that directs the perceptual flows of the observer using the gallery space and linear drawings on monochrome canvases. It puts them in the context of questions, stimuli (A), which expect the observer to respond (B) in the form of writing down what was observed, creating dynamism A-B-A-B, and directing the final view towards the abstract composition of the garage ceiling.  

It is a reality of our (multiple) realities that we function in a world where everyone is convinced that his/her point of view is correct because after all, each of us is the Ego, (0,0,0,0) of our own multidimensional system. Maybe we are right, maybe sometimes we are not, maybe repetitiveness and monotony have led to the decay of our delicate perceptual tentacles, and maybe we should all accept the ambivalence of quantum cats as well as the fact that at the same time there is a rabbit and a duck, a grandmother, and a woman.  

artist: Iris Poljan 
exhibitionWay of looking 
tekstMarija Kamber 
foto: Juraj Vuglač 
24. rujna 2019.