Jelena Petric's multi-temperature performance p.up-k is built around the season of Winter and the holidays embedded in it and characterize it, using a wide range of matter, light-colored by electric bulbs, as well as fire and liquid, iron, smoke and glass light, all composed to pour the warmth of the holiday spirit upon visitors. That is why this light will not only be consumed by the eyes of the audience but also by their taste buds, and in the midst of the blazing light doors, food will fall from the sky accompanied by the sound of cosmic sprinklers. Jelena uses solids and liquids, crunchy and hard, popcorn and rakija as something consumed on multiple levels, a burst of corn kernels is an addition to a blockbuster, mana from the sky, fireworks, a big bang, a Star of Bethlehem leading the way. But the performance also looks back at Christmas itself and the cultural threads we twist around it, the cosmic aspect in which something is born, emerges from the fire, light, and burst, and the other, consumerist, in which the spectacle is of utmost importance, where the world shines, sparkles and crackles as we watch from the side eating popcorn.  

artist: Jelena Petric 
izložba: p.up-k  
text: Marija Kamber 
foto: Barbara Raad 
28. prosinca 2019.