Every being that exists, or a non-breathing object in space, the grain of sand and dust, moves, twists and flies carried by air currents, is a matter in the physical world and a carrier of its own mass that pulls it towards Earth’s sphere, by a constant influence of gravitational force. The exhibition Sculptures in neutral floatability by Petar Popijač presents the contemplation and research concerning the absence of static, composed of aquarium installation, projected video work, and interactive kinetic installation, a result of artist’s Ph.D. research.
In his work Petar is questioning new ways of creating sculptural form outside of conventions of static, through sculptures in aquarium installations, exhibited according to the conception of research in the liquid medium, manipulating their properties so that they do not touch the bottom at any given point, making them appear to levitate. Video work presents segments of artist’s methodology and realization of the forms of neutral floatability through the diving process in the Adriatic Sea, with the objective of redefining and questioning the formative character of modelled sculpture and highlighting the idea of the nonexistent state of absolute inertia in the vast spaces of the universe.
The reality of the physical model in which we exist is the multitude and collection of all the motions we are exposed to, with or without our willing participation. It may seem that we stand still in this moment or another one, but thinking of all the multitude of ever-changing movements in endless hours it becomes clear our reality is many things but never static.

author: Petar Popijač
exhibition: Sculptures in Neutral Floatability
text: Marija Kamber
photography: Domagoj Hmura
25th May 2018

The exhibition is taking place within the 5th Gallery Rally, where Garage Kamba is the final location, in which the participation certificates will be distributed.

Petar Popijač graduated in the programme of Sculpture in the Academy of Fine Artis in Zagreb, where he’s currently finishing a Ph.D. dissertation in the class of prof. art. Petar Barišić. He’s a member of HDLU (Croatian Association of Artists) and HZSU (Croatian Freelance Artists’ Association). In his work, Petar creates synthesis of different mediums and styles of visual expression, and in his Ph.D. research, he questions the borders of sculptural medium and analyses the attributes of sculptural form outside the conventions of statics. Selected exhibitions: 12.Triennial of Croatian Sculpture (Gliptoteka HAZU, Zagreb), 32. Youth Salon (HDLU, Zagreb), To be in the eyes of the other (Vladimir Buzančić Gallery, Zagreb), The challenge of a tie (EU Parliament, Strasbourg, FRA), Embers (Božidar Jakac gallery, Kostajnica na Krki, SLO), Ostralle 2012 (Dresden, GER).