The fundamental occupation of my work is the sea and the use of waste in ready-made objects. Last five years of studying sculpture I was using a sculptural form for depicting realistic and abstract waves, reliefs of water surface. Moving away from academically figurative, I found my expression in ready-made through themes of transience, consumption, and rejection using my or someone else's waste to materialize the fragility and ephemeral, and record a trace and an image of time.
Since my childhood, I feel a strong attraction and closeness to the sea, and growing up I started to see glamor of water, especially its surface. At the start, I was modeling small and realistic waves but after some time, dedicated more attention to their material aspect, representing them as abstract forms. My interest in ripple surfaces increased with the visit to Skagen, a place where North and Baltic sea meet. I was fascinated with the power of nature and a moment of crashing waves, their briskness of existing and repetition, at the same time strong and fragile. I look at the surface, both in-person and within working, as a meditative process in which focus isn't on the final result because I don't want to imitate the nature, but rather shape it by what's remembered with mind and through the feelings. I was also inspired by the work of Hiroshi Sugimoto, so I initiate an Instagram profile (water_diary) as an online exhibition of video works of seas, waters and lakes I've visited and recorded during the past six years were, as a close-up showing the stirring of water and its flow of time.

author: Lucija Marin
exhibition: Floating
foto: Valerija Djanješić
3rd July 2020

Along with the exhibition of Lucija Marin the promotion of the fourth issue of "Skica" was held. "Skica" is an annual magazine of students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and this edition is named "Fast New World".

Lucija Marin (b.1995., Zagreb) is a MA student at the Department of Sculpture at Academy of Arts in Zagreb. Her main thematic preoccupation in work is water surface and ready-made installation made of waste. Through her works she is questioning the influence of consumerism on the environment and pollution. She exhibited on more than thirty group exhibitions and two solo exhibitions.