Every body is a space and it has its own space; producing itself in space just as it produces that space (Lefebvre, 1991), and yet we witness a growing lack of it?
The search for a temporary autonomous haven in which dance could be accommodated testified to the various ways in which space could be created. Disappear. Or in a dynamic exchange of emergence and disappearance, produce a new space that is no longer here or there. Selected autonomous zones are spaces trapped in eternally between, separated from their primary function, they no longer call for retention. Their emphatic fragmentation, intense decay, and the dominance of unexpected perspectives stratified their alternative laws - the exclusion of stability, the exclusion of support, the exclusion of strongholds. The indicated exemptions are what further travels with us from these spaces. The dislocation of space conditioned the possibility of movement within their porous boundaries, but also questioned the very boundaries to which we otherwise agree to be accustomed - by constructing spaces, they reciprocated by opening new spaces that at least momentarily impair hierarchical verticality. Partially dynamic, sometimes multi-faceted, they offer simultaneity of different types of space in one. In multiplication, they invite us to look at them from all angles, with our presence, as well as without, recognizing that it is impossible to fully grasp, see or inhabit them. Maybe just visit again.

Space nor I
choreography and performance: Koraljka Begović i Nastasja Štefanić
video and editing: Matija Kralj
sound: Nastasja Štefanić
dramaturgy: Nikolina Rafaj
costume design: Dalibor Šakić
producer: Koraljka Begović
text: Nikolina Rafaj
11th and 12th of June 2019