Wooden star whose smooth elements slide one to the other, falls to the slightest wrong touch and appears as a fun thing, time well spent, but in reality in can carry the nerves that vibrate and the granules of sweat that are collected on the temples after re-fusion remaining in the triumph of a mind triumph and an interesting form somewhere in the dusty grains of some other wooden surfaces.
Sanjin Vinković's exhibition Clamp modularly combines the wooden cubic elements that are joined by the right angles, opening paths and directions for the upcoming elements, the idea arising from the impinging with wooden IQ puzzles, the separate elements that are joined together, their integrity labile, and the possibility of disassembling / assembling determined by the logical effects of the cerebral cortex. The functionality of such wooden objects is their intended purpose for play and reflection, the context mathematical in it's artistic nature, but the shape and form irrefutably statuary in it's impression.
Despite the compression in the spatial perimeters the question arises of whether a gentlest wrong contact can collapse the carefully complex structure and lead the guilty to hours of sweaty hands and speculation as the hours pass and the original form is a seemingly unimaginable challenge.

author: Sanjin Vinković
exhibition: Clamp
text: Marija Kamber
foto: Matija Kralj
6th October 2018

Sanjin Vinković got the title of sculpture master in 2013 in the class of Professor Mile Blažević at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. From 2012 on, he has presented his work on two solo and several group exhibitions. He has participated in several art colonies, a visual residence in Belgium, and is the winner of the Creative Art Award for the "Bubble Blossom Puzzle" within Floraart in Zagreb. During 2016/2017 he has been working at Croatian National Theater in Zagreb making scenography props as part of professional training. He is a member of HDLU, lives and works in Zagreb.