Tapping, scraping, voice, and breath in light, in darkness. Rubber wheels. Rubber, a solid elastic substance obtained by the vulcanization of natural and synthetic rubbers; a rubber tire, the one that gets my hands dirty when it cracks on the freeway away from home; what I always need but never think about. Tired out is a visual and physical participatory act by Israeli artist Darya Efrat, which questions the spontaneous moment of interaction, construction and deconstruction in creating a visual landscape and a point of reflection for performance observers/participants, combining movement, dance, and circus in a dialogue between a woman and a tire. The performance is a part of a residency in Zagreb focused on collecting, developing, processing and sharing the research process that Efrat has collected over the past year.  

artist: Darya Efrat
exhibition: Tired Out
text: Marija Kamber 
foto: Barbara Raad 
28. prosinca 2019. 

Rezidencija Darye Efrat podržana je sredstvima programa i-Portunus u okviru programa Kreativna Europa.