TRY HARD is a multimedia installation by Martina Granic and Martina Miholic at the Kamba Gallery to showing the presence and media coverage of women in sports.  

Sport encourages mutual respect, tolerance, understanding and integration people of different genders, nationalities, races, religions, age and property and develops a community. It is mean of combating discrimination, prejudice and stereotyping. Children who play sports have greater self-esteem and confidence and are more able to cope with the challenges of education and social impact as they grow up. While the media portrayal of sport is still unreliable and one-way with a dose of misogyny or placing a woman, opposite a man, in a perverse context, creating misguided stereotypes and connecting irrelevant roles that women have to do with sports, the exhibition's authors still do not want to negate gentler physical expression and differentness. of the female body. Moreover, they emphasize it and explore the concept of women's movement in sport.  

#tryhard is a metaphor for the immensely greater effort that a female athlete has to undergo compared to a man in order to survive in the age of commercial sport, and #tryingtohard is another face of the same effort that corresponds to the time of today’s culture of visualization of sports artifacts, where, at the same time, underneath the over-emphasized femininity the picture of discrimination and inequality of women in sports. The fact is that such a view, that is, one-way objectification, impoverishes us for all the many other values ​​that (women's) sport brings. 

artists: Martina Miholić and Martina Granić 
exhibition: Try Hard 
tekst: Martina Miholić and Martina Granić  
fotoDomagoj Hmura 
12. rujna 2019.