You all know how much I love being around humans. Humans are the best! How many times you had to force me apart from a tender hug with someone, how many times you all left after we had an entire night of alcoholized socialization and I still stayed at some club, surrounded with bottles... Well, certainly never too many! Therefore, you are cordially invited to attend the first in a long line of my performances, joined under the unifying title "INTRODUCTIONS", and have a time of your life while we all grow even closer! The entire evening of close and heartwarming interactions, with each one of you, and with your dogs as well, accompanied by the most stupendous amount of alcohol you have ever seen at any happening awaits! And all of that at a fancy courtyard of Garaža KAMBA! You know you can't afford to miss it! 

author: Dejan Gotić 
30th May 2019

Dejan Gotić was born in 1987 in Zagreb. After graduating from the Department of Graphic Design at School of Applied Art and Design in Zagreb, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, where he acquired the MA in the Animated Film and New Media Department in 2013. Apart from his work in the field of film and conducting numerous workshops at theAcademy of Fine Arts and other educational institutions, recently he became involved in gallery exhibitions. A series of performances under the common name "Introductions" will be presented to the audience during 2019. "Introductions 1 - Close Encounters" is the first in a series of different performing exhibitions in this series.