Ambient installation Procrastination by Valerija Jakuš is weaved by the line and the light, a wired deambulatory for pilgrims of urban events and accidental passersby in search of a moment of solitude. The work is a reaction to the contemporary way of living, its accelerated tempo and greedy consumerism, whose final product results in piling up of various junk and the lack of quality rest.
In her work, Valerija comments on the lack of will and absence of motivation as a passive problem of people, a theme tightly connected to the motif of the deconstructed mattress. Here the mattress’s skeleton is interpreted as a metaphor to idleness and excessive resting as a necessary segment of life. It does not, however, represent only the negative aspects of laziness, it also stands for the essential human need for rest and tranquillity that all beings share as a necessary factor of any movement forwards.
The resting moment is one thing, the action that it propels is the other one, but the question remains about the measure of inertia that is necessary for different kinds of sanity and how much the person postponing its life is experiencing peace in its true meaning.

author: Valerija Jakuš
exhibition: Procrastination
text: Marija Kamber
photography: Domagoj Hmura
18th May 2018

The exhibition is taking place within Project Ilica: Q’Art, marking the one-year existence off Garage Kamba.

Valerija Jakuš was born in Zagreb in 1992. She graduated from the Educational Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2017, where she won the Rector's Award in 2016. So far she has exhibited and participated in several group exhibitions and art colonies in Croatia and has planned and conducted workshops for children in cooperation with numerous institutions in Croatia and abroad. She currently lives and works in Zagreb.

Evolucija madraca, groblje štakora i spirale kao simboli u traženju Valerije Jakuš