“Sound goes into our listening and brings a sound sensation into my body, inhabiting it. Sound can have a strong presence because it penetrates us, tears the surface, directly transcends boundaries. ”(B. LaBelle)

Through the performance, the capacity for intimacy of the relationship, the potential for trust and understanding are explored through voice and body. The body is our home, the voice is a part of the body, the body produces the voice, the voice is the body, the voice emanates from the body, the voice transcends it, it extends it spatially and temporally. The voice is an abstract meeting point of body and spirit, memories of the past and visions of the future. The duality of body and voice is of a particle-wave nature, in which the particle creates a wave of life, and allows space and time to dive, cognition, and take off. The voice, as one of the most polyvalent agents of human material-spiritual reality, is at the same time firm, labile, creator, translator, trace, medium, truth. Out of a need for trust, understanding, compassion, connection, comfort, discovery, acceptance, and similar longings of the human spirit, the two artists confront, intertwine, converge, distance, shuffle, and dig into all imaginable dualities. They experiment with their own fragility and strength, handing them over to the other, exploring the boundaries of mind and body in the moment that is now, which is inevitable and urgent. Interpersonal intimacy is the cause and consequence of a wide range of intensity of feelings and perceptions of themselves, others and their unbreakable togetherness.

Experimenting with one’s frailness and strength, performers are surrendering to each other and investigating the boundaries of body and spirit in the moment that is now, unavoidable and urgent. Interpersonal intimacy is a cause and a consequence of a wide spectre of intensive feelings and understanding of oneself, each other and their unbreakable bond.

authors: Silvija Dogan i Maja Rivić 
exhibition: Wave Velocity
foto: Valerija Djanješić 
19th June 2020

Silvija Dogan (1987., CRO) is a dancer, performer and a photographer. She finished communication relations at the Faculty of Croatian studies in Zagreb, musical school Zlatko Baloković studying piano, and a four-year acting course in Kubus studio in Zagreb. She continues to explore movement and voice in the lab with Irena Tomažin, Anne-Marie Blink, Ang Gey Pin, Angela Rawlings and others. She was in various colabs as a co-author and a performer on projects with Sandra Anais, Hugo Leonard Silva, Sven Bahat, Robert Clark, Bruno Isaković and Robert Milovej. 

Maja Rivić (1982., CRO) graduated from the Faculty of Graphic arts in Zagreb and continued to work in graphic design as a freelancer. On The University of Middlesex in London, she studied jazz and contemporary singing/arrangement, and she is currently enrolled at the Academy of arts in Zagreb, studying New media. She is actively working as a vocalist in jazz orchestra Mimika, free impro quartet MILK, collective Živa voda, Maja Rivić septet, and collaborating with the Jazz orchestra of Croatian radio-television, and with Darko Rundek. She is cooperating with Loup Abramovici and Tomaž Grom. She participated in a performance Obetavno: Last/ Dance of Loup Abramovici (Via Negativa) and Tomaž Grom (Institute Sploh) and in the collective performances of Dre Hočevar.