A restless oasis?
That rises from anguish and labor,
What is it hiding?
What crumbles the stone, burrows the mud?
Smell, wormhole.
Gentle buds touch the cheekbones of their fingers,
They are cold.
Hiding from frost, striving towards the sun.
What sprouts from anguish and labor, what is it hiding?

Sanda Črnelč

Exhibition Garden and other beasts presenting the works of second year students of the Education department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb dissolves with the blades for linocut striated slots into flourishing gardens, whose grounds are burrowed by worms, and where spaces between chlorophyll circulate with black drops. Grafička mapa, created after Sandra Črnelič's song Garden, consisting out of seventeen sheets, seventeen seeings of that which sprouts, strives towards the sky, ripens and fades as time passes, interpretations of the garden as an idea, a symbol, a physical diversity and conceptual multiplicity. Motives of organic and non-organic matter intertwine with atmospherics, light spots, and other beasts which are permanent or occasional visitors to the shafts and shadows surrounding the habitats of the human race. Sandra's poem, which is contemplation and sweat, moist humus, the meditation of the creature with hands whose nails are dirty from soil, is a unifying lyrical moment that conteptualy connects and meaningfully rounds the diversity of approaches and characters. Besides GM, the exhibition will present a selection of the same student's artworks, a bestiary formally figurative, casually abstract and a combination of characteristic varieties that are scattered from walls like various organisms that sprout and burrow in the ecosystem of the printing garden.

izložba studenata druge godine Nastavničkog odsjeka ALU
izlagači: Jelena Bogdanić, Marijana Budim, Klara Burić, Sanda Črnelč, Elia Friganović, Bartol Grgec, Martina Ištvan, Estera Jerabek, Josip Jurić, Veronika Koprivnjak, Sara Kudrić Smerke, Matija Meštrić, Lucija Mihić, Stela Mikulin, Anamarija Pekšić, Franka Zec, Lea Zirdum
izložba: Vrt i ostale beštije
text: Marija Kamber
photography: Juraj Vuglač
21. lipnja 2018.