There is a dichotomy between the spaces known and spaces new and exciting. An explorer that is a novice to the space he arrives in is fresh-eyed, excited and awake to everything it has to offer, keen on using it, and the time he has in it to the maximum. For the resident, „his“ space becomes a habit, his brain no longer wired to look for its peculiarities and hidden surprises, no longer looking at the potential it carries.
The residency of Portuguese artist Kevin Claro was composed of three acts, first, the discussion made quietly, second, the experiment with a price, and third the options offered freely. Through the process of gathering people living and passing daily through the courtyard of Ilica 37, he asked for the vision of what this space could be, how its nooks and corners can be used beyond the concrete for stubborn cars (and even more stubborn owners) and with the addressing the -,99 phenomena he asked how (and if) the price can be put on art pieces.
In the end, as a reflection to the ongoing process, Kevin asks how a newcomer to such a space can impact and respond on the tightly tied knots of relations, property factors and wants and needs growing through the perpetual changing of the space, while being aware that the dynamic of asking questions, making an experiment and coming to some answers creates a new set of questions in a circle that always closes in the end.

author: Kevin Claro
exhibition: You Yesterday Here, This Today Here
text: Marija Kamber
29th June 2019

The project is happening in the framework of artistic residency of Kevin Claro (PT) in Garage Kamba.