Interactive installation ZOOM by Vitar Drinković reflects on the effects and changes that the last year has left on the individual, but also on the collective psyche.
The observer enters this experiential installation physically, sits on a wooden chair in front of a construct made of 3D printed parts, an electric motor, a microphone and two plastic bags that evoke human lungs, sitting on the trembling wooden chair, while the breath of this proto-cyborg creature flows over his face.
True to his recognizable artistic approach, in Drinković's work man is truly the measure of all things, but the world inhabited by his miraculous machines tends towards a transhumanist inception, in which he questions with a healthy dose of criticism what it means to be human, where the health and sanity congregate, in a productionally complex, and presentationally simple manner he confronts us with the fears, anxieties, and turmoils that have been the weavers of the unrest of our most recent days. Every element of the installation: plastic bags which are “breathing”, air currents on the face, distance of the apparatus from the observer (1.5 m!), and vibrations of the chair caused by the air flow have a direct connection with the situation we are in, both locally and globally.


author: Vitar Drinković
exhibition: ZOOM
fotografije: Jelena Petric, Šimun Bućan
text: Marija Kamber
9th April 2021

Vitar Drinković was born in Zagreb (1983) where he received his MA in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in 2008, and in 2014 MA in the Department of Animated Film and New Media at the same college. Participated in student exchanges and residencies in America, England, the Czech Republic and France. He operates at the intersection of technology, science and art. For the past few years, he has been exploring ways to create the conditions for changing perceptions of everyday reality. Using various interactive sculptures, devices, inventions and installations as intermediaries in communication, he creates a new context for sensory and mental cognition of everyday life. He has exhibited independently (19) and in group exhibitions (53) in Croatia, Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Austria, the Czech Republic, England, the United States, Canada and France. He has won several awards, recognitions and scholarships.